Why I Won’t Be Buying An Apple Watch

While I’m usually not the first person to get the newest gadget, this mostly has to do with how I feel about parting with my hard earned pocket money. I’ve coughed up the big bucks for the latest and greatest Apple products before though. I was one of the first to jump on the 64gb iPod touch because something that could carry nearly all of the music I could want to listen to at any moment still blows my mind. That same iPod touch has been replaced exactly once and used nearly everyday since its purchase, with a small descent in service as I moved into the land of those who own smartphones with my iPhone. Nonetheless, my iPod touch has followed me on many trips, been used as a camera, a workout planner, a phone, and a stereo receiver as well as a music player. It was one of the largest purchases I’d made with the money from one of my first jobs and has made me as happy a some bits of metal and glass really should be able to.

Having said all that, I’m a generation behind the curve on the latest iPod touch as I see that it will soon fall by the wayside given the storage sizes the iPhones are growing to. I can’t see myself investing in another one anytime soon, but it was a great introduction to all the apps and the iOS software that would come with my iPhone. My phone is also not the most up to date as it is the last model still able to run the current iOS and because of this lacks many features that have been rolled out recently. My computer on the other hand is of the latest generation, the bottom of the line 11” Macbook Air has delighted me at every turn as I do nothing too strenuous with it, and the only real complaint I could admit would be that having the least amount of storage means that my music library is a bit of a bloat to the whole machine. This may soon be fixed however as I debate moving to iTunes Match in the near future to free up my computer a bit. With all this rambling on it may seem I haven’t made my point altogether clear, so far that point being that I am wholly plugged into what could be called the Mac lifestyle, or World of Apple. However dated or cheap relative to other apple products mine might be, I will pony up the money if I see it will greatly improve my life.

So the question then is does the Apple Watch fit into that category of worthwhile gadgets? The Apple Watch with all of its hype and buzz has yet to convince me to make an appointment to get one of the first ones off the line. While Pharrell is being seen around town sporting his, we don’t all have his lifestyle and Apple doesn’t quite think I’m influential enough to give me one before the crowds so that I’ll influence others to follow suit. While I’m sure there are many “apple fanboys” who will be lined up for their Apple Watches first thing at the launch, for the regular Joe the reason to purchase hasn’t really become clear yet. There is the potential for loads things about the Apple Watch, or any smart watch really, to be the indispensable gadget of the future but that is all it is so far, potential. With a day long battery they’ve obviously listened to the consumers complaining about not being able to use their iPhone, for what is a reasonable amount of time, during the day and not have to bring their charger with them. With a necessity for he watch to last all day on a charge, some sacrifices have certainly been made. Those who have been given a chance to test on the new Watches have harped on two main things, the slowness of a lot of processes and the lack of focus.

The Watch seems to want to be a liaison between you and your phone with a few added features. After dads all over were admonished for wearing their cell phones on their belt we finally have the answer for them, with the price tag starting only just over a second phone. The Watch works well in the new niche Apple has carved out for it with the introduction of the health apps, but other than this seems to be a mind-blowingly powerful little piece of technology that does little more than show others that you have an Apple Watch. As new software will inevitably be rolled out after the official launch it will be interesting to see how this affects the usefulness of what will certainly still be one of the most popular wearable technologies. However, I’ll need to see more than a fitbit with a built in notification center before I make the plunge to wearing my technological loyalties on my wrist though.

For more reading from someone who reviewed their experience with the Apple Watch throughout the day check out this article on theverge.com


The City I Live In

Melbourne is currently a fast growing destination for travelers young and old. The past few years it has garnered popularity by receiving awards from multiple publications for its public parks, proximity to great sights, and general livability. While many people are coming and staying at hostels in the main business district or CBD, travelers often forget to look to the outer suburbs of the city. The pubic transit system around Melbourne continues to be improved and the savings to be had in the suburbs will make the decision even easier for you.

The suburbs of the city often have much more personality than the small city center area and offer a cheaper more personalized experience. As the city has expanded interesting neighborhoods have popped up all along the beautiful Yarra river, which runs through the area. Hot spots for the arts, suburbs like Brunswick, Richmond, and Carlton are all easily accessible to the city while still being affordable for travelers with the popularity of short stay websites in the area like Airbnb or couchsurfing.

If you enjoy something more than the traditional, and now exceedingly more expensive Melbourne visit, look to book a place to stay out of the CBD and reap the benefits of having money for a longer stay and seeing more of what Melbourne has to offer.2015-01-06 19.20.47-1

A Denim Diary

Whether you’re the hippest guy you’ve ever met, or the stereotypical dad that works in IT that still has his cellphone in a nice holster on their belt, chances are you’re wearing jeans at least once a week. Jeans are the workhorse of almost every wardrobe at this point and we all know the struggle of finding that perfect pair to wear. Whether you stick to one brand because they fit you just how you like or you’ve been trying out a few it’s not hard to see that quality denim has seen a resurgence in the last few years. Companies are trying to distinguish themselves from the pack with raw, selvedge and Japanese loom cotton offerings. While I used to be an almost strictly American Eagle guy a few months ago I made the plunge into the dark indigo waters of raw denim with a pair of Uniqlo slim fits during a sale and I could not be happier. Uniqlo may be seen as one of the lower quality purveyors of denim, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the unique fading and washing of my jeans before eventually trading up if I ever have “Givenchy money”.

So after a few months of wear, and more time than I’d like to admit of not washing them it’s finally time to do a little maintenance I’ve decided. There are loads of myths about how you should wash denim using only a washboard, your left hand and a free flowing natural spring (Eastern European when available). Then of course there are those who think that washing your denim is a sin, and that real denim heads put theirs in the freezer so that they smell like frozen peas and carrots, just like the founders of Levis always wanted. So, throwing out these crazy ideas I’ve decided to do none of the above and simply cold hand wash my jeans inside out in the tub with a bit of vinegar and powdered detergent.

I’ve line dried them, mainly because I love the feel when they’re real rigid putting them on that first time after a wash and can’t be happier. All the small stains I was neglecting to let myself notice are gone and I also didn’t ruin any of my other clothes with the excess dye coming out. Maybe you get a bit blue in the hand from washing them this way but I think it’s a nice way to appreciate something you wear nearly everyday if you’re me.

Hello world!

This is my first blog post and I guess that means I should do something like talk about why I’m starting a blog at all and what right I have to do so. I’m starting this blog as a place to write about things, show people the kind of writing I can do, and hopefully have readers enjoy themselves all the while. I’m a guy who graduated from university and have since been doing odd jobs, meeting people, listening to music, getting dressed, the list could go on for quite a while. Anyways, I’m basically here to show people my style, other things I’ve written aside from this blog and what inspires me to do so. Hopefully that all will in turn inspire them to let me know a bit about their company and how they could use my voice, or whatever voice they’ve thought up for themselves, to help their company, website, blog, etc.