The City I Live In

Melbourne is currently a fast growing destination for travelers young and old. The past few years it has garnered popularity by receiving awards from multiple publications for its public parks, proximity to great sights, and general livability. While many people are coming and staying at hostels in the main business district or CBD, travelers often forget to look to the outer suburbs of the city. The pubic transit system around Melbourne continues to be improved and the savings to be had in the suburbs will make the decision even easier for you.

The suburbs of the city often have much more personality than the small city center area and offer a cheaper more personalized experience. As the city has expanded interesting neighborhoods have popped up all along the beautiful Yarra river, which runs through the area. Hot spots for the arts, suburbs like Brunswick, Richmond, and Carlton are all easily accessible to the city while still being affordable for travelers with the popularity of short stay websites in the area like Airbnb or couchsurfing.

If you enjoy something more than the traditional, and now exceedingly more expensive Melbourne visit, look to book a place to stay out of the CBD and reap the benefits of having money for a longer stay and seeing more of what Melbourne has to offer.2015-01-06 19.20.47-1


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